From the recording David Plenn

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All I need now is a tall glass of somethin’
To help me unwind my mind
When the air is still
We’ll let the reverie linger
Like a lover’s lullaby

You got your ghosts
Baby, I’ve got my demons
Let’s put ‘em outside for a while
I’m diving deep
Tonight we’ll sleep
To a lover’s lullaby

Sometimes I feel as tall as a Georgia pine
Sometimes I’m a knee-high chapparal
Most times I straddle that line
But as long as you’re around
I’m much closer to Heaven than Hell

Speaking of God, ain’t it odd how he lets us
Struggle against the tide
I’m not going under
But I’ll drown in the wonder
Of a lover’s lullaby

I know sometimes I can infuriate
You know sometimes you go to far
They say sometimes you need to forget the things you aren’t
Just to remember who you are

Where do you run, baby? Who do you turn to?
Who do you want by your side?
You know you’re mine
I’m yours and it’s time
For a lover’s lullaby
Let me whisper it in your ear
A lover’s lullaby

c. David Plenn (Streamline Music)