David Plenn


David Plenn: Vocals and Guitars 


Tara Austin: Vocals 

Jay Bellerose: Drums,  Percussion Gumbo 

Tom Canning: Organ, Piano 

Brad Colerick: Vocals, Wine & Song 

Jenny Condos:  Bass 

David Goodstein:  Drums 

Mark Hatch: Trumpet 

James “Hutch”  Hutchinson: Bass 

David Jenkins:  Cowbell, Vocals 

Llory McDonald:  Vocals, Love-Filled Magic 

Danny McGough: Piano, Organ 

Ethan Moffitt: Bass, Double Bass, Mandolin, Violin, Viola, Kitchen Sync 

Lloyd Moffitt: Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Pink Noise, Good Ice 

Kristin Mooney:  Vocals 

Phil Parlapiano: Accordion, Keyboards 

Van Dyke Parks: Accordion, String Arrangement, Repartee 

Taylor Plenn:  Saxophones, Vocals 

Paul Riopelle: Vocals, Podcaster, Keeper of the Flame 

Cameron Stone:  Cellos 

Patrick Warren: Keyboards, Strings 

Ramon Yslas: Congas, Shaker, Jameson’s

Produced by David Plenn & Lloyd Moffitt


I see these songs as a collection of short stories - as opposed to chapters in the same book. I realize that might make it hard to market the album as a whole, but so be it.  The record is truly Same Planet / Different Worlds.

Each song dictated the production:  a distorted slide guitar on one song,  a string quartet on another...whatever felt right.  Most of the songs were recently written, but there were a couple that were oldies, including Follow Your Dreams, which was written for my 1 year old son, who 28 years later, played sax on the song's coda.  

I've been involved in record making since I was a 17 year old kid signed to A&M a thousand years ago. It's still something I love doing almost as much as songwriting.  I am thankful for the opportunity to be involved in both for this record. 



Press photos