From the recording David Plenn

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He was from Abilene, Texas
She was from Portland, Maine
And as good as the sex was
Their love went down in flames
She likes the Boston Pops - He likes the NFL
She loves her French perfume - He can’t stand that smell
Same planet
Different worlds
Meanwhile down at the club
There’s a would-be movie star
He does his best to impress
But he’s striking out so far
He really seals the deal on the dance floor
Can someone please show that guy the 2 and 4?
Same planet
Different worlds
They’re standing toe-to-toe
They can’t see eye-to-eye
You lost me at “hello”
You’ll find me at the door just waving bye bye
Turn the radio dial
It’s just yak yak yak
They call it Freedom of Speech
Man, it just sounds like talkin’ smack
They’ve all got an axe to grind or a cross to bear
Or stone to throw – Somebody say a prayer
Same planet
Living in a different world
Same planet
Different world

c. David Plenn (Streamline Music)